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    Our experienced, professional staff can help
    you update your bathroom to meet your needs,
    increase your home’s value, and get the most out of your space.
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    Although hardwood can be more
    expensive than carpet or laminate options,
    its numerous advantages certainly overshadow the expense.
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    These before and afters go
    beyond just simple do it yourself
    projects these are impressive home overhauls.

Home Remodeling in White Plains NY

You Dream It; We Plan It and We Build It!

We help you to turn your house into your private palace. With our home remodeling in White Plains NY, we’ll build a better future for you and your loved ones.
The secret of our success is to listen, understand you, plan better, and subsequently, build better.
Whether you want to expand your home space, increase comfort, better home functionality/livability, and enhance your lifestyle, we always have the right solution for you.
We offer the most splendid kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. Also, we can even help you with handyman jobs like drywall installation and repair.

Home Remodeling in White Plains NY: Improving Your Lifestyle

Since 1996, our goal has been to improve the quality of life of people in Westchester County NY. We are proud that through our home improvement services, we have reached our mission.

Home Remodeling in White Plains NY

We are more than happy to have the chance, the skills, knowledge, and passion to offer kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and home remodeling in White Plains NY to such a high level.
As a leading building contractor, we make sure fulfill your needs without ever surpassing your budget.

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Get Splendid, Modern, and Sleek Kitchen Remodeling!

The kitchen of your dreams; THE ONE YOU DESERVE is one call away.
As an expert company in home remodeling in White Plains NY, we are more than happy to tell you that we’ll change totally the look, feel, and functionality of your kitchen.
Enjoy that delicious breakfast with your loved ones. Have the PERFECT MORNING, fueling yourself with family love plus a nutritious breakfast.
We guarantee to transform your kitchen from outdated, cramped, and inefficient into a splendid, modern, and sleek.
We promise this job will improve your lifestyle, keeping in mind to optimize your budget.
You’ll get the best return on your money. We’ll help you to turn your ideas, goals, and dreams into reality. We’ll be always by your side to support you and listen to you.

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Bathroom Remodeling: Taking Home Comfort to a Whole New Level

We’ll take your home comfort to a whole new level with our bathroom remodeling.
As a leading home improvement company, our main goal is to create the perfect mix of beauty and functionality in your bathroom remodel.
With our home renovation services, we’ll fulfill your unique needs. We’ll tailor your bathroom to your lifestyle, needs, and wants.
Our expert remodelers have the knowledge, skills, and traits to perform correctly any home remodeling in White Plains NY.
So, there is no question that our team of remodelers and designers will turn your bathroom into a relaxing, fancy and highly efficient room.
Trust your bathroom renovation to us, and we’ll create the perfect space for your loved ones and guests.

Get Your Bathroom Remodeling Now!

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Bathroom Remodeling in White Plains NY: Fulfilling Your Unique Needs

Top Reasons for Home Improvement

Kitchen Remodeling is an Excellent Investment

Our Services

Drywall Installation

Achieve crack-free, smooth, and flawless surfaces with our drywall installation. It is easy to install; thus it saves you time, money, and it offers great decoration freedom. Another reason to install drywall is that it is mold and moisture resistant. So that means that you’ll have protection against problems caused by unexpected leaks. Sheetrock is also energy efficient. Indeed, plasterboard helps you save resources, money, and make your home more efficient. Call us now: (914) 830-8272.

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Do you urgently need a new roof installation? If you don’t know where to start or whom to trust this delicate job, don’t worry! You can count on us. Morocho’s Home Improvement Inc. will offer you the right solution for your residential and commercial roofing installation in Westchester County NY.

Whether you have questions about the cost of a new roof, roof repair, and maintenance, or any other questions, you can talk to us. Call or email us now!

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Kitchen Cabinet Installation

New cabinets will bring warmth and character to your kitchen. But it is not only about the looks. New kitchen cabinets can help you to organize your kitchen and make it more functional.

Whether you’re planning a full kitchen cabinet replacement or resurfacing, you always have the best options with Morocho’s Home Improvement Inc.

Call Us or Email to get beautiful kitchen cabinets!

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Tile, Marble & Granite

Make your kitchen and bathroom look amazing with our tile, marble & granite solutions. In case you want to have beautiful countertops, backsplashes, and ceramic tile floors, tiled bathroom walls, etc.

All of our materials are carefully selected from suppliers that offer quality and durability, so you can feel secure knowing that you paid a fair price for the highest quality materials. We’ll leave your kitchen and bathrooms sparkling beauty.

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Hardwood Floors

Although hardwood can be more expensive than carpet or laminate options, its numerous advantages certainly overshadow the expense. Hardwood floors enhance your home aesthetics, go with any home décor, and are strong and durable. You can also pick from many styles and patterns to install in your home. Two more things: hardwood floors don’t fade, and they help to keep a healthy indoor air quality.

Call us at (914) 830-8272 to install beautiful hardwood floors!

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Windows & Doors Installation

Installing new windows and doors bring a whole bunch of benefits for your property. It makes your home look nicer; new doors and windows will keep your energy bills low; this job will improve home security and add quietness and peacefulness to your home!

We can help you with the installation and repair of many windows and door types. Call today at (914) 830-8272 to work with pros!

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Siding & Gutters

Siding is a vital part of your home. Our siding installation and repair services will offer you awesome benefits. The main purpose of our siding services is to shield your house away from the harsh weather. And it also helps to increase the comfort of your home.

When it comes to gutters, we do the installation, repair, and maintenance. Trust your home siding and gutters to us! Call us at (914) 830-8272!

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Brickwork creates unique surfaces and above all, this is a very economical option. Whether you want to build your home walls or perimeter walls, brickwork is the perfect option.

It is strong, offers great appeal, and last for decades. Our brickwork will add real value to your home, helping you to stand out from the crowd without ever overspending. Call us now at (914) 830-8272.

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Welcome to Morocho’s Home Improvement Inc

Home remodeling

“Morocho’s Home Improvement Inc” is a quality family owned home improvement company located in White Plains, New York. We are a fully licensed and insured residential and commercial contractor specializing in many large and small home improvement projects.

We bring to our customers an unparallel level of quality service. Some of our home improvement services include concrete, basements, additions, patios, decking, windows, roofing, and handyman projects as well. If you reside in White Plains, please call us today to get a free personalized quote or fill out the estimate section to receive your free estimate. We are professional, reliable, timely, and honest. At “Morocho’s Home Improvement Inc” you can be sure you are in trusted hands.

Personally owned and operated since 1996 “Morocho’s Home Improvement Inc” has guaranteed its home improvement services throughout White Plains, NY. During that time, we have been responsible for the remodeling of over 500 homes, developing a solid reputation for quality, professionalism and integrity while maintaining a strong base of clients and referrals.

Our award-winning combination of attention to detail and custom craftsmanship results in tailored concepts for each customer. We perform in-house design of both interior and exterior spaces. Our team approach combines expertise, management, and exceptional results.

Here are just some of the home improvements services we can provide to you…all are guaranteed!

An improvement job shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! “Morocho’s Home Improvement Inc” Services can fix, repair, remove and or install most anything you need. We have the knowledge and the tools for most any project.

Hardwood Floor Installation
Home Remodeling Services

Morocho’s Home Improvement Inc. specializes in:

Home Remodeling
Cabinets Installations
Tile, Marble & Granite
Hardwood Floors
Windows & Doors Installation
Siding & Gutters
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