Don’t make the mistake of not appreciating the importance of gutter. We wrote this article because gutters are usually the part of your home that remains “out of sight and out of mind.” But we are going to do our best job to explain the benefits of proper gutter installation.

We’ll tell you how rain gutters are one of the most vital elements for the health, safety & longevity of your home. Without further ado, we tell you that if you don’t have good gutters, you’ll be facing a big bunch of costly and serious problems.

Before we move on to discuss the pros of installing efficient gutters, we’ll tell you:

What Efficient Gutters Do?

Well, efficient gutters do one thing and one thing only: to divert water away from your home.

The main function of a gutter is to channel rainwater away from your home and into a drain system. Its function alone will save you from the stressful moments that water damage causes.  

No gutters mean that you could wind up a long list of trouble.

Without gutters at all, heavy rains can wreak havoc on your home. Your windows, door, and siding will rot.

A home with not gutters would look like a pool. Awesome, isn’t it? Well, it would look like a pool of rainwater around your foundations.

So, that’s why most homes have gutters. Homes will not last without them.

Which Are the 5 Main Benefits of Proper Gutter Installation?

Since we assume your home has a gutter system, we are here to remind you of the importance of installing good gutters. You can read the whole article if you have the time. If not, you skim through the subheadings to grasp the substance of our post.

Let’s get to our list.

Installing Rain Gutters Prevent Home Decay

Rotten Wood on Roof Soffits, Gutters above and Brick Wall Below

First and foremost, one of the benefits of proper gutter installation is that it prevents leaks and rot. Your house walls might not be completely waterproof. And some of the roof components like tar paper might not be either. Excess of water makes shingles and siding to shift; thus, creating gaps that allow water to leak into your home.

So, this is the point where all the rotting starts in your siding and your roof. Also, by not having an efficient way to get rid of rainwater, your roof and your siding can crack or break over time; making your home fall apart slowly every day.

As time passes, different parts of your home will decay; causing additional expenses.

When you install an efficient gutter system, the rainwater will get into your draining system, causing no trouble at all.

Efficient Gutters Keep Erosion on

Water Puddle in Green Lawn

The water looks like an inoffensive element. But you know water damage can be serious to your home and lawn if you do nothing about it.

One of the benefits of proper gutter installation is that it prevents soil erosion.

The absence of gutters or the wrong installation of gutters leads to splashing water from heavy rain to your lawn and green areas. This, as a result, leads to erosion problems in your yard. And we know that an eroded soil is a soil with fewer nutrients, moisture, and organisms.

Besides erosion, standing water in the yard can lead to muddy soil, which also damages your landscape, turf, and plants.

Also, an eroded yard will ruin the curb appeal of your home. Of course, you don’t want any of this to happen.

Proper gutters keep erosion on the check. The main job of good gutters is to channel rainwater into the underground drainage system and prevent rain from accumulating around the home and eroding the soil.

Without a doubt, an efficient and robust gutter system will help you to prevent soil erosion.

Efficient Gutters Keep Your Home Foundations Strong

House Falling Apart Because of a Foundation Failure

Another benefit of proper gutter installation is that it will divert water away from your home foundations.

I have said it a thousand times, and I will repeat it: “Home foundations are the most vital part of the structural stability of your house. Thus, you must pay attention to them.”

In simple words, we’ll tell you what happens when there is an excess of water near your home foundations due to inefficient gutters.

First of all, having water puddles near your home foundations means that water will seep into your home foundation, and it will soften the soil underneath.

By softening the soil, your home foundations will lose strength and stability.

The direct effects of excess water or moisture on foundations are the shifting and cracking of surfaces. Excess of water can turn your home foundations into a weaker, insecure, and unstable structure.

If your foundations shift or settle, the walls on the settled part of the foundation can then separate from the rest of the house.

If you leave foundations unattended with cracks, sooner or later, they could experience a total structural collapse.

So, remember that problems in your foundations are a much larger and more expensive issue than replacing your gutters.

Gutters Properly Installed will Protect Your Siding

Your gutter systems must do a great job collecting any water from your roof to preventing damage in other parts of your home.

By not installing rain gutters properly, there is a good chance that water will find its way out of a seam and onto your siding, leading to mold and mildew growth.

And if you let time pass, your siding will rot or rust, depending on the material. In the end, your siding will no longer protect you.

Gutters, when installed perfectly, can make your home completely waterproof. But you also must clean your gutters regularly and give maintenance to it. In this way, your gutters will keep your home and landscape dry!

Gutters Can Guard Your Home Against Mold

Your home’s exterior gathers moisture. But things can be even worse if you don’t have gutters. Without gutters or with inefficient gutters, your home will gather too much moisture.

This excess of humidity will be the ideal environment for mold to grow.

As water leaks through your siding and inside your walls, drywall can act as a food source and be a nice setting for mold growth.

Remember that mold is toxic, and it is difficult to remove from your home.

So, one of the benefits of proper gutter installation is that it will reduce or stop water from seeping into your home. And as a result, the chances of mold growth will be lower.