We know you want to have the most beautiful, spotless & unique surfaces in your home indoor. Two of the most common wall finishes are drywall and plaster. So, today, we’ll address the drywall vs plaster dilemma. We’ll tell you what each wall covering is, their differences, and the benefits of using one or the other.

Both drywall and plaster are appealing and lasting wall finishes. So, read our article to know the factors to consider when deciding between the two for your next home renovation project.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Drywall vs Plaster

Drywall vs plaster is a common dilemma when building walls and ceilings. Professional drywall is easier to install, while you must hire a skilled plasterer since the plastering process is labor-intensive. Plaster is a custom wall finish. It adds texture and character that drywall cannot.

What Is Drywall?

What Is Drywall?

The main use of drywall is the construction of walls and ceilings in homes and buildings. Drywall is a panel, which the main component is gypsum. This soft sulfate mineral is the main constituent of plaster and drywall.

Moreover, drywall has the following components: a mix of gypsum plaster, shredded paper/fiberglass, a foaming agent, mildew & fire-resistant additives, and water.

To create drywall panels, this mix is sandwiched between two sheets of tough paper mat or fiberglass. Then, it’s left to dry until it becomes a hard-enough to be a wall construction material.

Drywall has other names, which are “gypsum board,” “plasterboard,” or “sheetrock.”

What Is Plaster?

What Is Plaster? 

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, plaster is a pasty composition of gypsum and sand that is mixed with water.

Plastering is one of the most ancient wall finishing techniques, and builders currently use it for coating walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Unlike drywall panels which are used to build interior walls, plaster is only a decorative and protective coating.

So, in other words, you first need a wall to apply coats of plaster to have smooth and appealing surfaces.