Marble floors can be many times an absolute charm. Their timeless beauty has made them a top tile option among people ever since Roman times! That’s why today, we’ll go over the many types of marble flooring out there.

When counting on a marble floor, you can boost the look of your home by a lot. In fact, your flooring option will likely be one of the first things your guests will notice! The natural yet sophisticated look can leave anyone bowled over.

For this reason, you should count on the marble flooring type that best suits your place! So, keep on reading to know which is the flooring tile for you!

6 Types of Marble Flooring that Add Elegance

Coming in a wide variety of colors and veining patterns, marble is a stylish option in which you can never go wrong. In fact, this type of flooring is among the top choices that can withstand the test of time scratch-free! Not only that, but it also doesn’t build up as much dust as other flooring options.

Sadly, homeowners tend to get stuck in a rut when choosing among the many marble floor styles.

That’s why here are 6 types of marble flooring every homeowner should consider:

  • Carrara Marble Flooring
  • Katni Marble
  • Statuary Marble Tiles
  • Calacatta Marble
  • Emperador Marble
  • Crema Marfil Marble

Let’s review each of these styles:

Carrara Marble Flooring

Carrara Marble Flooring

Being among the most common types of marble flooring out there, Carrara is a greyish kind of marble. Its pattern consists of a soft and linear grey veining. You can find this sort of marble in between white and blue-grey shades.

This type of Italian marble is a frequent choice among homeowners not because of its sophisticated look, but because of its price. Carrara is incredibly affordable, thus granting you a building material that’s luxurious yet budget-friendly for your home.

Katni Marble

Katni Marble Tiles

Katni marble is one of the most famous Indian marbles. It consists of broad strip patters over a beige background. Also, this marble usually is extremely strong and durable, being able to withstand any kind of climate as well as scratches.

Not only can you use Katni as a flooring option, but you can use it for other options such as for tiles for your kitchens and baths!

Although the most common option for Katni marble is beige, you can choose from a white variety of colors, such as green, pink, and white.

Statuary Marble Tiles

Statuary Marble Flooring

You’ve likely heard statuary marble before in your life. In fact, the Lincoln Memorial is made just of that: statuary marble! Statuary marble counts on many other names, such as Statuario and Statuarietto.

Just like Carrara, statuary tiles are also a classic option for homes. It consists of a white glossy and crystalline look with few greyish lines. Also, Statuary has a much thicker texture compared to Carrara. Because of its thickness, it can grant a high-end polish finish.

You can opt for a honed marble option or a polished marble one.

Calacatta Marble (Rarity = Luxury Stone)

Luxurious White Calacatta Marble

When talking about the types of marble flooring, some types fall into the “rarity = luxury stone” category.

More often than not, Calacatta marble is mistaken for Carrara marble. Aside from both being quarried in the Carrara region of Italy, they have some distinctive features when it comes to color and veining.

Calacatta marble sets itself apart from Carrara marble with its thick and dark veining.

Instead of having plenty of soft veins like Carrara, Calacatta marble shows fewer but more prominent and unorganized veins.

In general, Calacatta marble has dark thick veining patterns and is bright white in color.

This natural stone is commonly used to manufacture beautiful flooring tiles, pavers, and slabs for your projects. This marble choice goes well with any color combination. Those who have an opulent taste for decorating prefer to use Calacatta marble with a contemporary minimalistic approach.

For instance, in some homes, Calacatta marble can add a striking look when paired with the stainless steel of a kitchen or the white porcelain of a bathroom.

Emperador Marble (Feathery Veining Patterns)

Dark Brown Emperador Marble

This type of marble flooring is quarried from three regions in Spain.

When it comes to colors, this natural stone varies from the whites and grays, and you can also get it in different shades of brown.

The shades of browns are accompanied by stark white and grey feathery irregular veining patterns. Emperor marble looks like a dark shattered glass (Well, it seems that way to me. And what does it look like to you?)

Its darker color makes it an ideal choice for a high-traffic floor or a charming fireplace surround. It’s also an excellent flooring option when you have golden or brass furniture and accessories.

Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil Marble

We continue our topic with another highly demanded Spanish marble, Crema Marfil marble. This type of marble flooring is unique, as all the other beautiful stone materials nature has been able to create.

As its name suggests, most of these marble tiles come in a light-beige or yellowish color.

Uniqueness is perhaps the word that describes best all types of marble flooring. In the case of Crema Marfil marble, it comes with irregular patterns and varying veining intensity.

It is unique, but it’s not rare, which makes it an affordable option. This vast market availability makes this an appealing choice for homeowners and architects.

This availability allows us to create countless remodeling projects. In other words, you, as a homeowner, can have beautiful/fancy floors without costing you an arm or leg.


Marble, no matter the type, is considered to be a classical, elegant, and timeless material.

The word has its roots from the Greek “marmaros,” which means “shining stone or sparkling stone.” It’s its glowing, subtle, and full of light appearance that never ceases to amaze us.

All types of marble flooring have a surface rich in veining patterns. This is part of the sophisticated, unique, and natural beauty of the stone.

Well, if you reached this part of the article, thank you.

We also know that you may have some plans to beautify your home with awesome marble tiles. Well, we hope that you found this info useful. We hope that this info somehow guided you to pick the right marble type to adorn your home.

Be safe and happy! Till next time!